Rice Announces 25th Annual Advances in Tissue Engineering Course

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The Biomaterials Lab is proud to announce its participation in the 25thAnniversary Advances in Tissue Engineering Short Course. The course will be held at Rice University from August 9-12, 2017, and the Biomaterials Lab will host a special hands-on workshop examining bioprinting techniques related to tissue engineering. Featured presentations include members of the Center for Engineering Complex Tissues, which the Biomaterials Lab is a participating member. The course will examine topics ranging from patient-specific therapeutics to biofabrication of complex tissues. Registration is currently open for the short course and includes access to the bioprinting workshop.

Read more about the short course here: http://tissue.rice.edu/registration/

Read more at: https://bml.rice.edu/news/biomaterials-lab-will-host-hands-bioprinting-workshop-25th-annual-advances-tissue-engineering

Published November 7, 2017