The Center has filed the following Provisional Patents.

1.    M.L. Lerman, J. K. Placone, J. P. Fisher, “3D Extrusion Printed Polystyrene”. 

2.    J. Navarro, J. P. Fisher, “Dual Chambered Bioreactor for Stratified Tissue Engineering”

3.    T. Guo, J. P. Fisher, “Acellular Polymeric Scaffold for Tissue Engineering”

4.    B. Mahadik, J. Y. Choi, J. P. Fisher, K. Cao, I. M. White, “Sensor-measurable bioreactor for inducing genome-editing and real-time tracking of gene-modification of cells within 2D and 3D substrates to model genetic disorders”, application under review

5.    A.G. Mikos, J.L. Guo, and L. Diaz-Gomez “Extrusion Printing of Peptide Patterned, Tissue-Specific Scaffolds,”

6.    A.G. Mikos, A.J. Melchiorri, L. Diaz-Gomez, M.E. Elizondo, G.L. Koons, and P.D. Kontoyiannis, “Extrusion Printing of Highly Concentrated Ceramic-Based Inks,”


Image courtesy of UMD.