A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

Technology Research and Development Projects

At the core of CECT's research capabilities are three TR&D Projects that advance comprehensive technology development in three main biological systems: stem cell culture, fabrication of cellular constructs, and construction of heterogeneous tissue scaffolds. Each TR&D project will be led by one of the 3 primary institutes of the center:

TR&D 1: 3D Printed Bioreactors for Cell Culture - University of Maryland

TR&D 2: Bioprinting Patterning for Cell-Laden Constructs  - Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

TR&D 3: Bioprinting for Complex Scaffold Fabrication - Rice University

These TR&Ds work in concert with other Collaborative and Service Projects under the unifying theme of complex tissue biofabrication for research, clinical, and transplantation purposes. They also sponsor several Education and Outreach programs for training and mentorship of new students and dissemination of technical information. 

The 3 TR&Ds interface with their associated CPs and SPs and provide a core technology or platform for the respective projects. They also lead several training programs and workshops, and are responsible for informing the tissue engineering and biomaterials community of the scientific progress made through CECT.

Images courtesy of UMD.