A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

Service Projects

The objective of Service Projects (SP) is to engage a broad community of bioengineers and scientists in various technologies developed within CECT, and to provide new outlets for applying these technologies. Through collaborations with academic and industry partners, these projects will expand the applications of the TR&D and CP technologies and potentially foster new research initiatives at the home institute. Additionally, these SPs will be instrumental in the education and training of students and the technology transfer between the SP and TR&D institutions. 


Overview of Service projects

The TR&Ds provide the core technology or platform for engaging in SPs with partnering institutions. This serves as a test bed for novel ideas or exploratory projects utilizing 3D biofabrication as a basis. Student exchange between the institutes is also encouraged.

List of Collaborators


SP# Institution Investigator Project
SP1 University of Maryland School of Medicine Jonathan Packer Tissue Engineering Constructs to Enhance Microfracture Outcome for Cartilage Repair
SP2 University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Eleonora Dondossola Melt-electrospinning Writing (MESW) to 3D Print a Miniaturized Tissue-Engineered Bone Construct
SP3 University of Maryland Steven M. Jay Engineering the Extracellular Vesicle Bioproduction Microenvironment
SP4 University of Maryland Kan Cao Investigation of the underlying molecular mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in progeria
SP5 Columbia University Helen H. Lu Ostoeochondral Interface Tissue Engineering
SP6 Stony Brook University-SUNY Donghui Zhu Bioresorbable metallic implants for regeneration and repair


Images courtesy Biomaterials Lab (Rice), TEBL (UMD)